Hikikomori Reijou wa Hanashi no Wakaru Seijuuban

Gênero (s)

“We need money for your bedridden mother. So please, work at the Royal Palace!”

This is what the daughter of a Count, Muriel, was told by her father one day, which she firmly refused.

That’s because she’s a shut-in whose weakness is socializing, simply immersing herself in books. “No way am I going to work at the Royal Palace!” is what she thought, but her father proposed she work as a librarian. Thinking that she might be able to work there if it’s that, Muriel immediately went for an interview, but–

Why is she being interviewed by Commander Silas who exudes sensuality?! And why is it that when she came to, she was already employed as the “Sacred Beast Caretaker,” someone who takes care of the sacred beasts?! A very popular work from Ichijinsha’s Iris Collection!!! The long-awaited comicalization of the Sacred Beast love comedy between a shut-in lady and the commander of the Sacred Beast Order!!